How to check your website ranking?

The Internet covers more than a billion websites. The competition has now sharpened considerably for the website providers and more and more requirements have to be met. Web site operators now have to ask questions of the following type to stay competitive: What is the loading speed of my website? Are all content displayed correctly on mobile devices? Even as a user, it is always more difficult to keep track of the abundance of pages. Therefore search engines like Google, Bing and Co. play a large role for the orientation on the Internet. For website operators, good rankings in the search engines are again an important factor in attracting internet users. High visibility in search engines is therefore becoming more and more important and SEO Services can help you with this.

Google page ranking covers four aspects: the representation of your website , the visibility for search engines , the security as well as the page speed, With regard to the presentation of your website, it is checked whether it can be displayed and used correctly both on the desktop and on the mobile.With search engine visibility, we give you SEO tips on how to improve your search results in the search results of Google and more. For example, by creating a sitemap or a meaningful page description. Within the framework of the security aspect, a check is carried out to determine whether an SSL certificate has been set up for your site that provides for encrypted data transmission. To help your website with a high loading speed, you will be given helpful tips on how to reduce the load times of the page. For example, you can use a content delivery network optimize the data transmission. A score is calculated for each of the above points. The overall result then summarizes all categories.

Google page ranking is free and provides you with concrete recommendations on how to optimize your site. Google page ranking analysis provides you with a clear and detailed list of relevant points that can be improved. We downgrade our recommendations into three categories: ” remedy required ” means that serious deficiencies exist and there is much room for improvement in the information text find what it is concrete evidence on how to fix the individual deficiencies Status “.. Remedy recommended ” indicates that you are already doing many things right. With just a few customizations, you can optimize your page. If there is no longer any need for improvement, the message “Without complaint . “In this case, there is no further need for action. Often, Search Engine Optimisation is linked to web design, UX, structured data and secure website (learn more about migration from http to https). As an example, we had to implement the SSL certificate on Toddler Toys website to ensure they could use fully Google Shopping, we update webpages such as  Vtech Bath Island and Vtech Kidizoom Action Cam.

If the site checker shows very good results for your web presence, it means that your site meets the current requirements: your web project is easy to find thanks to good search engine placement and the performance on the site is satisfactory for users. This is especially important for business customers: a stable and fast website is much more serious than a slow page. Thus, users are more willing to visit your site again. Follow all the recommendations that we provide to you through our website analysis, which will increase the reach of your site and attract more visitors to your site. In addition, you increase the user satisfaction of the site visitors.

Here are some examples of successful SEO implementation:

If you have done a very good job at the site check, this does not necessarily mean that this will always be the case, because the requirements on the Internet change quickly . So if you want to be successful with your site, you should regularly use our website analysis . This is the only way to find out if there are new aspects that you should consider. In addition, some measures take some time to become effective. Therefore, you should periodically perform the Google page ranking check to see if your optimization measures have the desired effect.